About Us

Olsen's Auto Salvage was founded by Mahlon "Bud" Olsen in the 1960's. Bud had three sons who kept bringing cars home to fix or use for spare parts. Before he knew it, his back field was filling with cars. People soon began asking to haul old cars down to his place or if they could purchase parts that they needed, and his career in the "junk" business began. After his sons left home, he hired a mechanic to help work on vehicles and became a full service automotive repair shop. In 1986, Bud's youngest daughter Sheryl, along with her husband Norm Wordehoff, purchased the salvage yard when Bud retired. While under their ownership, the business has expanded greatly. The inventory grew along with their outreach to their customers. They have computerized the inventory and ship parts nationwide.

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We offer UPS, Spee-Dee, Express Parts, and various companies for freight shipping.

Member of the Better Business Bureau

Quality Auto Parts Preferred Supplier 2013

Privacy Statement
Olsen's Auto Salvage is seriously committed to respecting the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website. Any information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of our business and not sold to any third parties.